Wednesday, May 27, 2015

sorry, not working on prison entity atm

i'm doing a non-adult game together with my arch enemy - java.
if you're interested: (it's just stupid java source code)

game concept:
"warman" is a single/multiplayer turn-based managerial war-game written in java using intellij idea and java's swing gui.
each turn players manage their troops: infantry & tanks (maybe air or other types later on), research better parts, put together new tanks and infantry equipment and allocate units to attack in order to gain more resources. turns in multiplayer are played out simultaneusly, battle outcome is computed after each round and is accessible via generated reports in text form.

sorry if you were expecting something less lewd...
should i post compiled versions here though? it's already playable...

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

if you're interested

nadamod for crusader kings 2 is probably being updated by the community on lover's lab. i'm glad to hear, that at least someone is having fun with it ;)
atm i am improving my java skills to pass exams, that is why i'm wasting most of my free time programming in java, although i actually hate that programming language.
if i update PE, i'll let you know. i am considering it, but there are 2 problems: some code in it is really really shit + almost all code is in 1 source file, and i don't really know how to split it up in python retroactively.

well in the meantime, try out newlife. i really really recommend it, girls might find it especially 'fun' and you also might want to keep an eye on /d/ ^^

Thursday, April 23, 2015

nadamod & nadamap v14

this one is the last update on this from me, you guys.

the reason in short (only read if you care):
this mod, despite its adult themes, was really intended to be played on lan games. when i finished work on v12, i was totally psyched to try out on an actual small lan party, got to my friends house and all, but we were sorely disappointed to find out, that ck2 multiplayer requires steam. we really didn't know. some old version didn't. and steam we don't have because we don't wanna. it may be possible though, there actually is a steam multiplayer emulator (which i encourage you all to use), but i didn't get it to work with ck2. did anyone else try? 
oh i know you might ask "why not use steam? what's so bad about it? everyone has it. those steam summer sales are great" and so on, and you might argue, there are only a few things shit with steam.
true. and for me one or two of those few things are especially... well ask the angry video game nerd for a detailed description.

anyways! here you go

DOWNLOAD MAP (Mediafire ~4MB)

DOWNLOAD MOD (Mediafire <1MB)

idk what i am going to work on now. back to prison entity?

Sunday, March 8, 2015

CK2 mod update - v12

so blogger won't be changing its policies after all, so this blog will stay here. no need to learn russian.

i've been testing this version 200 years in observer mode, no crashes, balancing seems ok, not perfect, but ok, so I decided to post it:



enabled commenting for unregistered users, so, suggestions welcome.

what's new:

nadamod&nadamap v12
-added decision to auto-assign guardian to child
-decreased average life-span
-pregnancy chances balanced down
-"military base" retinue bonus decreased
-"ai whores" balanced
-fixed crashes from ai-nada-events

nadamod&nadamap v11
-VIET in nadamap updated to 1.9.4
-added decision to change own culture to target's culture,
 only once per character as with (MP) religious conversion

nadamod&nadamap v10
-added several event gfx
-added silk/cloth workshop
-added shopping decision
-added clothing/armor character modifiers
-"bombshell" renamed to "hourglass" (to better fit historical context)
-14 day timer for work in brothel
-added traits: "cheap whore", "experienced whore", "exclusive whore"
-female NPCs might work as whores
-ais buy clothes
-added decision to go to the brothel as a male (very basic)
-gangbang fixed? (needs testing)
-building "military base" added (8 levels + tech, nadamap only)

Sunday, March 1, 2015

nadamod and nadamap v9

as promised, the 2nd update (which is on my computer the 9th revision) of my crusader kings 2 mod.
the mod and the map are now separate things. the mod should be compatible with almost everything out there. tell me if some other mod doesn't work with nadamod and i'll try to make it compatible.

new in this version:
  • building: brothel
  • work in the brothel (if female)
  • kidnap people
  • new trait: bombshell
  • boob trait gfx a little altered ^^
  • mod / map separate
next version:

100% sure:
- building: textile workshop, to build sexy clothes
- character modifiers for sexy clothes
- getting kidnapped by ai
- whore yourself to soldiers if leading troops
- your suggestion

DOWNLOAD MOD (a few bytes because mostly text)
(both mediafire)

i will soon move this blog to a new website due to google's changed rules you might have heard about

Monday, February 23, 2015

Crusader Kings 2 nadamod

as you may have heard from the post before, i'm making a mod for crusader kings 2, which was just uploaded to mediafire, link below.
i decided to not post it on the official forum, because there, you are forced to enter your ck2 key to validate you legally purchased the game. also paradox decided to make updates to the game steam-only and, sorry, but i really really hate steam. i wonder, when they'll release a patch, that will make ck2 not run on win xp anymore. that would be the final thing to get me really pissed.


about "nadamod"
it incorporates (partially modified versions of following mods, which were not made by me, i deserve no credit for those:)
  • viet
  • personal palace
  • new duel system
(if you don't know what those above do, look them up in the paradox forum if you can ;) believe me, they're essential, awesome and stable)
  • it uses a completely new map, which is flat and has only 128 land provinces for optimized (multiplayer) performance and fun for a maximum of 16 players
  • there are some multiplayer features, the vanilla game was lacking: 
    • send gold to each other (without limit)
    • convert to the religion of another player 
    • pay gold (350) to give military support to another player, which gives bonusses to his capital province
  • of course, to make it more fun: women have different boob sizes
  • you can abuse female prisoners / get abused, if you are a female prisoner

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire ~4MB)

Let me know, what you think / give me ideas fore more events, traits etc.
If you want, I can make stand-alone version to go with the vanilla game, instead of my custom map.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

current whereabout

as you may probably maybe possibly have noticed perhaps, there haven't been any updates lately, that's because there hasn't been any progress. i am currently occupied with modding crusader kings 2, which is taking up my time i spend doing more or less useful stuff on my awesome windows xp machine. nothing adult, it's a mod suited for lan multiplayer games. because stock crusader kings 2 hast gotten much too bloated with unnecessary shit just like the company who made it.

until i resume this, which i will most certainly probably maybe possibly do perhaps, there are awesome adult game developers out there, programming, testing, updating almost as much as i do, while earning like $25,000 a month, which is moderately amusing, whom you can give your money to, to probably maybe possibly get 1 update/month perhaps, if you get a 3 on a 2d20 dice roll.